How To Do Rickson Gracie’s Impressive Breathing Exercises in 3 Steps

How To Do Rickson Gracie’s Impressive Breathing Exercises in 3 Steps

We’ve all seen Rickson’s impressive breathing exercises in the documentary Choke.

What Rickson is doing is called a ‘Kriya or internal’ cleaning exercise.  It’s a self massage of the organs which improves blood flow.


These exercise are great for developing abdominal control and really help with digestion.

This BJJ black belt explains a 3 step method on how to use Rickson’s breathing exercises:


“Rickson Gracie’s breathing technique, well it’s pretty easy to do if you just do it in these three steps.

Step one.

So the first one you’ve got to learn, I’m just sucking it in. You breathe down a couple of times and then suck in. That’s it.

Step two.

You do that once you get fear out how to get in then go clean it out.

Step three

Go side ti side. Once you go side to side I mean you have a lot of control. That’s it, it’s pretty fun to mix in your workouts you know, if your workout gets monotonous, then everyone should be creative and throw in fun things!


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