Mind Blowing Guard Pass to Use Against Flexible Guards

Mind Blowing Guard Pass to Use Against Flexible Guards

We all have that training partner that is really flexible and whenever you roll with them, you spend a long time trying to solve the riddle of their guard…

Sometimes the best way to know how to pass an impassable guard, is to ask someone who is known for having one, exactly what are the things that put them in danger. Japanese BJJ player Masafumi Matsumoto wrote this excellent piece detailing all those things:

Confessions Of A Guard Player: Guard Players Hate These 4 Moves

BJJ black belt, Chad ‘The Beast’ Hardy has a special pass that surprises impassable and flexible guards:

I love this pass! I use it against the really Gumby guard players like myself haha

now in order for this to work you need to expose the back. Than connect your chest on the back by connecting your hands and pulling down. It’s a little trick but effective.

So that is your goal at first. If you miss the back than you aim to get to some sort of a leg drag or mount. Using a butterfly hook may sometimes help this if you can’t our turn your opponent.

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