Mike Winkeljohn calls Donald Cowboy Cerrone a ‘Cancer’ in Gym

Mike Winkeljohn calls Donald Cowboy Cerrone a ‘Cancer’ in Gym

A Cancer in a gym happens much too often. It’s that one individual that just skirts all the values preached and respected by the regulars and simply causes loads of upheaval.

Donald Cowboy Cerrone first went onto JRE and gave his view of how the conflict with Winkeljohn happened and how he found himself looking for another gym.

After his impressive armbar victory Cerrone said:


“My grandma went and told Winkeljohn ‘You should have bet on the dinosaur,’” he said during a post-fight media scrum. “He knows what he did. It’s all over money, too. That’s the worst part. So he’s still not getting paid, is he? It’s all about the money. It’s a joke, man.”



 Winkeljohn then took shots at Cerrone on social media the next day:


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Loyalty is 2 sided! I haven’t worked with @cowboycerrone in over 10 years. #loyalty @joerogan @mmajunkiedotcom

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“What’s this about Loyalty? Loyalty is two sided. Especially when the media only sees on side. Where was ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone the last 10 years helping others at the gym? Nowhere to be found,” Winkeljohn said in the video (HT: MMA Mania). “He didn’t come to our classes, didn’t even use Greg Jackson his last two fight camps. When he came, he would grab sparring partners and then he would take those sparring partners back up to his ranch, where he paid for fun, free shit. Those guys would sometimes go up there and stay and train, and they’d lose.

“Any gym owner would tell you cancer has to be removed,” he continued. “It’s removed. The gym has no drama. It’s a happy place. I’m a happy guy. With that being said, I really wish Mike Perry had not taken ‘Cowboy’ down.

“Anyway, if you have fighter experience, and you want to come train with the best fighters in the world and help each other – Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Michelle Waterson, Devin Clark, Bevon Lewis, Carlos Condit, Siyar [Bahadurzada], John Dodson and so many others – you’re more than welcome. If you’re one of those guys that swings on Donald Cerrone’s you-know-what, that’s weak and weird.”

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