JT Torres Shares How He Felt After His 1st Submission Ever

JT Torres Shares How He Felt After His 1st Submission Ever

How did it feel when you hit your very first submission in Jiu-Jitsu? You can probably still remember what it was (for the writer of this article, it was the Americana Lock) and how great it felt to get that tap.

And, well, it wasn’t a different feeling for one of the greatest BJJ athletes of all time – JT Torres!
For him, it was the Triangle Choke.

He shared how his very first class felt like, in a conversation with BJJ Eastern Europe:

When I did the class, I really enjoyed it, I loved that it was hands-on.
In karate, I was just throwing punches and kicks while looking in the mirror; and in BJJ, I was grappling with another person.

I was thinking a lot more.
That’s what I really enjoyed about it and what made me fall in love with it.

And when it comes to his first submission…

I remember when I hit my first submission – I believe that it was the triangle – and when I locked it in and the person tapped, I was like: „Wow, this is crazy!“

he way that I can use my body to submit someone else and make them tap and hold them down…
I said that I wanted to learn more, that this is the real deal stuff, stuff that actually works.

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