John Danaher’s Competition Advice: “You Step On The Mat Alone”

John Danaher’s Competition Advice: “You Step On The Mat Alone”

So that tournament is rapidly approaching and your training partners have all sorts of advice they want to share with you…
But you have your own game, your own idea of how you’d like to approach the competition. So, who should you listen to – yourself or your training partners?

Well, as you may have guessed, there’s no one answer. It depends on the advice.
However, John Danaher emphasizes that you should always remember that it is you who is stepping on the mats:

In Jiu-Jitsu and in life – you’re always surrounded by people offering advice and ideas – that’s fine.
Most of the time they have good intentions and sometimes the advice is very helpful.

Understand however, that it’s you and not them who has to do your work so make sure it’s your own inner voice that does most of the talking in your pre match time rather than the voices coming from the outside.

In other words, you should always seek to play your own game:

You’ve got a skill set and a game plan based upon your body type and personality that’s been developing a long time – don’t compromise it by following commands from other personalities and body types that conflict with what you’ve built.

Always seek to express who YOU are rather than other peoples conceptions of who you might be.


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