JOE Rogan and EDDIE Bravo on the GRACIE FAMILY and JIU JITSU

JOE Rogan and EDDIE Bravo on the GRACIE FAMILY and JIU JITSU

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo have inspired a whole new generation of jiu jitsu practitioners. Recently they fanboyed together over how influential Gracie family was to them.

The two shared plenty on hypotheticals and their impressions of different Gracie family members. One notable discussion was Royce Gracie – the first UFC victor and in many eyes inspiration for the previous generation.

You can watch Royce v Patrick Smith here:

“The Gracies Are A Family Of Assassins”

“And then UFC 2 came out and I remember I told same roomate – dude that UFC challenge thing is on taping… I couldn’t stand Royce Gracie that first half of the show” – Eddie Bravo said adding : “By the time we got to the finals I was a giant Royce fan.”

Rogan added: “It is really crazy, what would’ve happened if Rorion didn’t put together that Ultimate fighter.”

“We never thought about it that way. I really worry, or wonder rather what would’ve happened if UFC in 1993 never happened. What the f*** man, martial arts would still be in the 80s”

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