How To Do the Infamous Estima Sweep aka Reverse Muscle Sweep

How To Do the Infamous Estima Sweep aka Reverse Muscle Sweep

The Estima Sweep or reverse muscle sweep is a very powerful sweep that not many people use in BJJ.

Atos BJJ’s Dominique Bell States:

This position is really strong. Like, really really strong. I consider it almost a checkmate move if you enter it completely.

That being said, I want you guys to be careful with it. This move is like a new, non FDA approved product on the market. Nobody really uses it (I’ve only seen Victor Estima using this, that’s where I saw it) and we don’t know the long term risks yet. Remember the video of the kid getting stacked and being paralyzed? I’m personally super careful being stacked now since realizing the danger there.

I’ve had opponents hurt their knees (nothing catastrophic) in tournaments resisting this move.

Be careful with your training partners and yourselves guys.

Here you can see Victor Estima hitting this sweep and submitting Clark Gracie with it:

Now here is the Jumping version:

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Dom’s breakdown: