Gordon Ryan’s Precious Advice: “Mental Work Is The Hardest Work”

Gordon Ryan’s Precious Advice: “Mental Work Is The Hardest Work”

How do you approach your Jiu-Jitsu training sessions? Yeah, you probably don’t have anything against giving it your all on the mats, feeling exhausted after training and wanting nothing else but to lie down and sleep…

But, as emphasized by Gordon Ryan, that’s actually the easy part of Jiu-Jitsu. The physical work, that is.
The hardest work, though, is the mental one:

Everyone’s happy to come in and do the physical work.
You know; they come in, they train hard, they get a good sweat. They’re sore.

But the mental work is the hardest work.
And nobody wants to do that.

Ryan continues to explain that it’s most important to actually think about what you’ve done wrong.
To be aware of your mistakes, think them through, and figure out the solutions along the way…

That is, at least if you want to progress in an intentional way:

You tell someone to come in and do, you know, three hard rounds and a hundred burpees.
They’re, like: “Oh yeah, no problem.”

You tell them to sit down and figure out why this Armbar isn’t working. Why the mechanics aren’t right…
No one wants to do that.

So, that’s the most important stuff. It’s the mental work.


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