Gordon Ryan Talks John Danaher: “He’s Always There”

Gordon Ryan Talks John Danaher: “He’s Always There”

If you want to become successful in any endeavor and field in life, then no matter what they tell you… You can’t do it alone.
You need people who will be there, alongside you, supporting you on your journey. Lending you motivation and a helping hand whenever you need it.

Gordon Ryan is well aware of this. Arguably the greatest no-gi BJJ athlete in history, he often credits his training partners for helping him reach the next level.
But one person above all, it would seem, is the biggest reason behind Ryan’s success. And that’s John Danaher.

Ryan shared his thoughts on Danaher’s relentless commitment in a recent social media post:

John is someone we accept as a constant in our lives.
Never underappreciated but sometimes largely unnoticed on a daily basis.

He’s just there. We never wake up thinking he won’t be one day because that’s just life, he’s always there.
The truth is, this is the biggest piece to the puzzle. If there’s a small group of people I owe everything to, he’s one of them.

He also commented on Danaher’s hand fighting, which is one of the most important skills in Jiu-Jitsu:

I know this mf hasn’t hand fought competitively in like a decade.
How he was just by far my most competitive hand fighting match in the last 3 years is absolutely bs.