Freestyle and Greco Roman: Understanding The Different Types Of Wrestling

Freestyle and Greco Roman: Understanding The Different Types Of Wrestling

Wrestling is a Grappling combat sport which uses techniques such as clinching, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and holds.

UWW, Wrestling’s governing body recognizes 6 styles of wrestling: Greco-Roman wrestling, men’s freestyle wrestling and female wrestling, amateur pankration, belt wrestling and beach wrestling.

There are two categories; International wrestling disciplines and folk wrestling disciplines.

Let’s look at the two main discipines:


In Greco-Roman you cannot hold the opponent below the belt, and trip. They focus on explosive ‘high amplitude’ throws.

Olympic bronze medalist Christophe Guenot explains us Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Freestyle wrestling

Freestyle wrestling is an Olympic sport. The wrestler can attack his opponent’s legs in both offense and defense. The origin of this style is from catch as catch can wrestling.

USA Olympian Jake Herbert explains in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling.

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