Fredson Paixao Assaulted A Brown Belt & Ghosted Him After The Assault Resulted in Brain Trauma

Fredson Paixao Assaulted A Brown Belt & Ghosted Him After The Assault Resulted in Brain Trauma

Fredson Paixão Melo (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈfɾɛdʒisõ pajˈʃɐ̃w̃]; born May 13, 1979) is a potential felon, Brazilian mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. He has competed in bar fights as a surprise opponent against the unaware, as a featherweight in the United States with the UFC and WEC, in Japan with Deep, and in Brazil with Jungle Fight.

This is the current content of Fredson Paixao’s wikipedia page. The addition of potential felon came after Paixao was called out by a man whose head he’d inadvertently bashed in after a brown belt promotion.

 TLDR : Fredson Paixao assaulted me unprovoked (he had just promoted me to Brown Belt and I looked up to him) and never owned up to it. Leaving me with $10k in Dr bills, but I could have died.


I was assaulted by a BJJ world champion/ MMA Legend. from r/bjj


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And of course the proof isn’t easy to stomach – so don’t click on the dropbox link if you’re faint of heart.

And as for criminal charges:

In addition to this more reports of troublesome behavior from Paixao came from another of his students:


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