Enson Inoue: ‘This Is How It Really Went When Mauro Ranallo Tried To Fight Me’

Enson Inoue: ‘This Is How It Really Went When Mauro Ranallo Tried To Fight Me’

Former Pride FC commentator Mauro Ranallo was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast where he told the story of the time he was high on painkillers and started a fight with Enson Inoue, one of the fiercest MMA fighters in history.

Enson saw the video and recently offered his side of the story from his Facebook account:

Good memories!
However,Mauro was so high on pain killers that he doesn’t seem to remember it right.
This is how it went.
When I got into the room Bas, Mauro, Kevin Randelman, and Mark Colman were in the room. I was standing holding my drink when Mauro came up to me and said, I think I can take you. I thought he was joking until he began shadow boxing towards me getting closer and closer.
I watched him get closer until one of his sloppy jabs hit my drink and spilled it. I looked and Mauro as he continued jabbing at me and must have looked a little upset because Keven began saying, “Oh no, this isn’t good, oh no!”
Bas on the other hand started getting excited in anticipation of something happening and began screaming, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”
I looked over to at Mauro and said, “Now lick it up like a dog.” He took it in stride, plopped on the ground, and began barking like a dog as he crawled over to where my drink spilled. As he was licking the ground I felt he was mocking me so I walked over to him and stomped on the back of his head.
There was a nice pop as his face smashed into the ground and when he got up, his glasses were cracked and blood was flowing out of his nose.
Now every time I see Mauro he always covers his nose and jokingly cowers away from me.
Ha! The memories!


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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #898 with Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo (https://youtu.be/rlaNNbBXzAM), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher