Sex Offender Keeps posting BJJ instructionals

Sex Offender Keeps posting BJJ instructionals


March 2nd BJJEE.com reported on the story of MMA Instructor Josh Robinson who received a 4 year sentence for Sexually Assaulting Two Teenagers.

And just in case you’re thinking he could’ve been led on and there could’ve been a misunderstanding a raid of Robinson’s apartment produced close to 6 000 obscene films out of which 321 featured children aged between 2 years and 16. 

Today online reported:

He claimed that he was 27, and told the girl that he had a fetish for young girls in uniform. When she said that she was insecure about her weight, he told her that he was fine with it.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai said: “He took full advantage of her own insecurity about her body image … so that he would get emotionally closer to the victim.”

In addition to this Robinson also showed a sexually explicit video to a 6 year old:

In July 2015, while he was on police bail, Robinson approached an even younger girl: A six-year-old who had accompanied her father to a gym at Peace Center. He showed her an obscene video that he filmed and asked if she liked the video. He also told her not to tell anyone about it by putting his finger to his lips and saying “Shhhh”.

Robinson is quite a film enthusiast – a casual look at his bjj instructional channel reveals.  A channel many of us have seen thanks to his Bane parody and others.

Following the sentencing Robinson locked the comment section of his youtube channel. However somehow he is able to keep on posting. And just 2 hours ago he posted his new instructional – Ankle pick to reverse heel hook.

(For anyone that wishes to unsubsribe -> Josh Robinson‘s YT channel)

Somehow Robinson is able to keep on posting and receiving support from the community while waiting to serve his time in jail.


This is a man is able to keep on giving seminars and training – all because of lack of community outcry. Same goes for his youtube channel. If a simple effort of disabling comments is enough to have people watching his instructionals then perhaps we should all consider our moral compasses.

The title of this article was in part borrowed with the permission of BJJScout who penned the note back when the incident first came to light:

This is sick. This guy has still been giving seminars and training the last few months. Some places should really be called out on this one.


The community should be able to unite around the issue or at the very least should be informed that by viewing these videos they are rewarding attention to a convicted sex offender.

MMA instructor Jailed For 4 Years For Sexually Assaulting 2 Teenage Students