Clark Gracie Has a Very Cool Guillotine From Mount Set Up

Clark Gracie Has a Very Cool Guillotine From Mount Set Up

The Guillotine choke is usually set up as a counter to an opponent’s shot, or when the opponent’s is turtled up. Truth of the matter is, you can set up the guillotine from virtually any position in Jiu-Jitsu.

There are also 3 types of guillotines:

  1. No Arm-in.
  2. Arm-in.
  3. Arm out.

Most people attack guillotines in a No Gi scenario but there are actually many advantages to attacking guillotines in the Gi. ADCC and BJJ world champion Claudio Calasans is famous for using guillotines in the Gi at the highest level:

Check out:

How To Set Up the Guillotine Choke in the Gi w/ Claudio Calasans, ADCC & World BJJ Champion


In this video, Clark Gracie shows how to set up and apply a guillotine choke from the mount position. Clark starts from a high mount position, climbing to the top and trapping an arm. From there he sets up the guillotine. He shows 2 ways of finishing from there. This is a real straight forward and easy approach:


Clark Gracie teaches how to Master the OMOPLATA–the submission that can be your new favorite position.

  • You might not look like Clark Gracie, but your omoplatas will be the best-looking part of your game.
  • SWEEP them when they’re defending the SUBMISSION and SUBMIT them when they’re defending the SWEEP.