Body Lock Passing: The Importance of Timing, by Nicky Rodriguez

Body Lock Passing: The Importance of Timing, by Nicky Rodriguez

Body Lock passing can be a great addition to your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skillset. Especially if you haven’t experimented with this passing style before; when you learn the proper setups and techniques, you’ll find it ludicrous how many opportunities will open up.
However, you also have to learn when to utilize this passing style. Nicky Rodriguez explains:

With Body Lock passing, it’s important to know how to set it up properly. But it’s also as important to know when to go. In-between movements…
Anytime we have an opponent from being supine (laying down) to sitting up or when you push them backwards and they’re pushing off the mat – that’s when it’s a great idea to initiate attacking with a Body Lock pass.

In addition to that, Nicky emphasizes the importance of utilizing Body Lock passing within scrambles. Namely, whenever you can find an opportunity to lock your hands around your opponent’s waist during a scramble, do it:

Whenever I’m within distance of getting my shoulders over my opponent’s knees and I’m close enough to lock my hands around his waist, I take advantage of that opportunity. Whether my opponent is facing me or when he’s on his side – I always take advantage of this opportunity.
So, just as important knowing the proper techniques of how to set up and how to complete the Body Lock game is, it’s equally important to know when to go.

Create opportunities by causing your opponent to have positive reactions; in which you drive their knees away from their chest, you entice him to start sitting up from the supine position, and knowing when to go.

Nicky explains in more detail on the video below:

Body Lock Your Way Through The Guard With This Step-By-Step Approach To The Pass With B-Team Co-Founder & ADCC Finalist Nick Rodriguez’s Signature “Rody Lock” System For Grapplers Of All Levels.

  • Learn the foundations of body lock passing with Nick’s explanation of the grips, pressure, and controls you need to start the attack.
  • Go step by step through the pass with Nick’s advice on forcing half guard or beating the legs to get to dominant passing positions.