Body Cam Footage Reveals Police Lied About Nick Diaz Attacking Them

Body Cam Footage Reveals Police Lied About Nick Diaz Attacking Them

Nick Diaz has been exonerated. The UFC & BJJ ace has been at the center of quite an uncomfortable incident back in 2018 when he was arrested on charges of domestic battery and felony battery by strangulation after his on-again-off-again girlfriend (and or possible stalker).

Nick Diaz May Have Eloped With A “Christian with attachment issues”

Police at that incident claimed he was hostile and arrested him – This week MMAJunkie revealed unedited body cam footage from the May 24th arrest which shows Nick Diaz in no way crossed boundaries of legal behavior.


MMAJunkie reports

“Former LVPD public information officer Jeffrey Willis, who also screened the footage, said nothing he saw indicated Diaz had done anything to warrant a Code 5 classification. Willis speculated it could’ve come from a confrontation at the detention center, which had been a part of initial reports about Diaz fighting officers there. The detention center does maintain a video surveillance system, but the footage is not public.”

Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Nick Diaz in domestic violence case – Prosecution Still Moves Ahead


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