Black Belt Working At IHOP Takes Down Wannabe Robber

Black Belt Working At IHOP Takes Down Wannabe Robber



San Antonio Texas was a scene of a peculiar crime. A Texas IHOP waiter went head to head with a wannabe robber – just several minutes after serving a portion of pancakes.

The entire thing took place around 6am Thursday at a San Antonio IHOP , according to KABB.

Waiter Elijah Arnold said something didn’t seem right when two men and a woman walked into the restaurant.

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“When I stepped into the galley, I just got that feeling where I needed to wait and listen,” said Arnold.

A few minutes later, he heard the register pop.

“That’s really the sound that haunts me because that’s the sound that put me into action,” said Arnold.

It turns out, Arnold is a third-degree black belt.

“I like, ran up. He like, swung the crowbar at me. I blocked with [my left] arm, I hit him with [my right] hand and I pulled him to the ground, said Arnold. “During that process, I don’t know if my face hit the register or hit the ground or just hit him in the face – because he has a scar on his head and I have a big old bloody nose now.”


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