BJJ Pro Tip: Use As Little Effort As Possible

BJJ Pro Tip: Use As Little Effort As Possible

Have you ever rolled against a black belt who seemingly used zero effort, zero energy… And still smashed you?
How did it feel? Yeah, it probably both sucked and was awesome at the same time, right? Well, believe it or not, this smoothness is a skill that can be learned. What’s more, it should be something you aim for.

John Danaher explains further:

The single biggest differentiator between skilled and unskilled athletes on the mat is the degree of effect in the application of moves versus the amount of effort expended to get that effect.

Great athletes have a way of getting more done with less. Their game has an effortless look to it that stands out in a sea of lesser athletes who struggle mightily to gain little.

So, when you drill, you should aim to get the maximum effect with the minimum amount of effort:

That doesn’t mean being a limp rag doll.

Sometimes the minimum effort required is still quite considerable – it just means being as economical as circumstances allow – and very often that allow you to be MUCH more economical than most believe.

It all starts with mindset. Smooth it out.
Aspire to economical grace – in time this demeanor will spread from your drilling to your sparring – and that’s when real progress starts.


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