BJJ Girl On 3 Things NOT To Do When Rolling with Females

BJJ Girl On 3 Things NOT To Do When Rolling with Females

If you want to have more females training in your academy, then you have to create a welcoming atmosphere to encourage them. When it comes to rolling, do you roll with a female teammate the same way that you roll with males?

That is a complex question that this BJJ girl answered. In her 6 years of training BJJ, she has had her fare share of injuries as a result of guys going too hard on her. She doesn’t guys to take it easy on her but she wants them to basically follow some guidelines.

For her, male teammates should follow these 3 important rules:

1. Do not use all your weight if there is a big weight difference between you and the female.

2. Do not be a spazz!

3. Do not give any gifts, or pity taps during the roll.


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