5 Key Lessons Roy Dean Picked Up from Training with John Danaher

5 Key Lessons Roy Dean Picked Up from Training with John Danaher

4 th degree BJJ black belt instructor Roy Dean recently embarked on an intense training journey with renowned martial arts instructor John Danaher in Austin, Texas. This experience offered Dean invaluable insights into the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dean shared “5 Key Lessons Learned from John Danaher,” reflecting on various aspects of his training and observations. :

1. Diverse Technical Palette

Roy Dean was impressed by the diversity of techniques covered during his training. “The technical palette was diverse,” he noted. Classes covered various techniques including Uma Plata, guillotine, leg locks, and inversions. Dean highlighted unique details and sequences that stood out in each class.

2. Succinct Instruction Style

Dean admired Danaher’s succinct, no-nonsense approach to teaching. “His in-person instruction is very succinct,” Dean remarked. He observed that Danaher’s method involved a straightforward start with simple techniques, progressively adding complexity, which differed from his more extensive discussions in instructional videos.

3. Class Structure

Discussing the class structure, Dean mentioned, “There’s no warmup. You go straight to technique,” emphasizing Danaher’s focus on efficiency. He also noted the emphasis on stand-up grappling, highlighting its importance in the next generation of grapplers.

4. Comparison with Roy Harris

Dean drew comparisons between Danaher and his own teacher, Roy Harris. He described both as “great minds in the art,” noting Harris’s contributions to structured approaches and leg locks, and Danaher’s excellence in optimized mechanics and tight transitions between techniques.

5. Training Intensity and Personal Growth

Finally, Dean reflected on the personal enjoyment and growth he experienced through this intensive training. “It’s fun to just train,” he stated, discussing the physical and mental challenges. He encouraged others to seek similar training adventures for their development.

Roy Dean’s training experience with John Danaher in Austin provided him with profound insights and lessons in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His reflections emphasize the technical diversity, instructional efficiency, and the personal and professional growth that such intense training can foster.