2023 IBJJF Worlds Recap: Victor Hugo & Gabi Pessanha Win Double Gold

2023 IBJJF Worlds Recap: Victor Hugo & Gabi Pessanha Win Double Gold

The 2023 World Championship concluded on Sunday, June 4th, with a victorious outcome. The tournament took place at the Pyramid of Long Beach, California, starting on the 1st of this month and crowned the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters of today. The event included memorable moments, such as Victor Hugo and Gabi Pessanha’s double golds and Jansen Gomes’ victory over Tainan Dalpra in the middleweight final.

Victor Hugo Costa, a star from Ceará, shone in the most anticipated moment of the competition. Victor Hugo won the most coveted title in the sport by submitting Erich Munis with a leglock in the absolute final. During his open campaign, the Xande Ribeiro student obtained submission in three of the four fights. Only Kaynan Duarte, who was in the semifinal, was able to resist the champion’s pressure. On the other hand, Luís Fernando Cantareira and Vinícius Lessa succumbed to Victor Hugo’s firepower.

The open champion accomplished a historic feat. He became the first fighter to win the absolute at the Brazilian Nationals and the Worlds as an adult male black belt in the same year.

Victor Hugo Costa maintained his hegemony at the ultra-heavyweight division. The Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu athlete was crowned three-time champion in the category after an outstanding performance in the competition. Victor Hugo submitted Marcus “Scooby” Ribeiro in the final with a double attack — triangle choke and armbar. In previous phases, he defeated notable opponents like Guilherme Augusto and Luís Fernando Cantareira.


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Gabi Pessanha continues to prove her ruthlessness with each championship. The Cidade de Deus star won double gold, with an overwhelming performance in the finals. In the absolute decision, Gabi choked and knocked out Ana Carolina Vieira with an attack from the back. At super heavyweight, the Marcio de Deus student submitted Mayara Custodio with a choke from the back. At the age of 22, Gabi took double gold at the Worlds for the third consecutive edition and extended her legacy in Jiu-Jitsu.


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Erich Munis reigned in the super heavyweight division by beating Kaynan Duarte by referee decision, after a 2-2 tie on points. Erich became a three-time world champion at black belt, putting the brakes on Kaynan’s efforts in the division. During his campaign in the category, the representative of Frates Jiu-Jitsu surpassed Thomas Bracher, Davi Cabral, and Felipe Costa.

Fellipe Andrew dominated the heavyweight division and secured his first world title in the category. The Alliance fighter overcame Pedro Machado by 2-0 in the final. Andrew built the result by sweeping Pedro with a maneuver from the one leg guard. The Pernambucan beat four opponents to triumph in the Pyramid. Among them, Rider Zuchi, Jackson Sousa, and Roberto Jimenez. Andrew has only lost once in 28 fights since he dropped down to heavyweight.
Team partners at Atos, Gustavo Batista, and Andy Murasaki didn’t close out the light heavyweight final. Gustavo had a confident performance and scored 4-2 over Murasaki to take his third world title at black belt. “Braguinha” swept Andy on two occasions and controlled his friend’s momentum. Gustavo took over the throne that belonged to his teacher, the idol Leandro Lo, who was champion in the division at the 2022 Worlds.

Jansen Gomes started a new era at middleweight. The popular “Nenego” beat the two-time world champion Tainan Dalpra in the final with an impeccable performance in the category. The Checkmat athlete scored two early leads after getting behind Tainan. The clash was electrifying, and the winner was decided in the details. Tainan tried the sweep, but Jansen maintained the superiority on the scoreboard. In addition to winning his first world title as a black belt, Jansen ended Tainan Dalpra’s 64-fight undefeated streak at the IBJJF championships. In the semifinal, “Nenego” surprised and beat Tye Ruotolo by 4-0.

Johnatha Alves secured her first world title at black belt. The athlete formed by the Mendes brothers won four fights to dominate the division. In the final, Johnatha defeated Pedro Maia 4-2.

Samuel Nagai is the new featherweight king. The Checkmat athlete beat Diego Sodré 4-2 in the final to claim his first gold at the Worlds as a black belt. In the semifinal, Nagai submitted Isaac Doederlein with a plastic double triangle attack and armbar.

Samuel Nagai, a Checkmat athlete, won the featherweight championship at the 2023 Worlds, defeating Diego Sodré 4-2 in the final. This was Nagai’s first gold medal at the Worlds as a black belt. In the semifinals, Nagai used a double triangle attack and armbar to submit Isaac Doederlein.

In a match featuring a series of 50/50 sweeps from the guard, Diego “Pato” Oliveira Meyram Maquiné defeated Meyram by an advantage after a 6-6 tie on points. Manauara won the featherweight crown, a division he also won the world championship in 2021.

Lucas Pinheiro became the bantamweight world champion, winning his first world title at black belt. The 29-year-old Manauara defeated world champion Thalison Soares by three advantages. Throughout the competition, Pinheiro also defeated Matheus Henrique Araújo, Rodrigo Otavio, and Bebeto Oliveira.

Mayssa Bastos, an Art of Jiu-Jitsu athlete, became a four-time world champion at black belt by defeating Jhenifer Aquino 4-2 at bantamweight. Bastos swept her opponent twice to build her victory. She had an impeccable season and won the Grand Slam.

In a match full of sweeps, Jessa Khan won her first world title at black belt by defeating Thamires Aquino 8-6 at featherweight. Jessa scored 8-6 over the GFTeam athlete and sealed the victory in the final seconds when she managed to sweep her opponent.

Bianca Basilio successfully defended her featherweight title by defeating Anna Rodrigues in the final with a guard pass lead. After studying each other on their feet for a good part of the confrontation, both athletes took the initiative in the final stretch, and Basilio won. Anna tried to win her third world championship at black belt, but was stopped by her rival.

Ffion Davies defeated Janaina Lebre 6-0 in the lightweight final, becoming a two-time world champion at black belt. The Welshwoman scored points by sweeping and taking the Gracie Humaitá representative’s back.


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Andressa Cintra, a Gracie Barra athlete, joined the select group of four-time world champions at black belt by defeating Thalyta Silva 4-2 in the final. Before that, Thalyta, who started in front, suffered three punishments for lack of combativeness.

In the only final without Brazilians in the adult female black belt division, American Amy Campo won the light heavyweight championship by defeating Poland’s Maria Malyjasiak. Campo needed less than three minutes to secure her first gi world title among the Jiu-Jitsu elite. The Zenith fighter strangled her opponent with a lethal rear naked choke.

Melissa Stricker overcame the then champion Larissa Dias to become the new heavyweight champion. The Alliance athlete scored a sweep advantage in the last minute to beat Dias.

The complete results of the championship are as follows:


absolute: Victor Hugo Costa submitted Erich Munis with a leglock

ultra heavyweight: Victor Hugo Costa submitted Marcus “Scooby” ​​Ribeiro with a double attack — triangle choke and armbar

super heavyweight: Erich Munis defeated Kaynan Duarte via referee decision

heavyweight: Fellipe Andrew defeated Pedro Machado 2-0

light heavyweight: Gustavo Batista defeated Andy Murasaki 4-2

middleweight: Jansen Gomes defeated Tainan Dalpra by two advantages

lightweight: Johnatha Alves defeated Pedro Maia 4-2

Featherweight: Samuel Nagai defeated Diego Sodré 4-2

Featherweight: Diego Pato defeated Meyram Maquiné by one advantage

Bantamweight: Lucas Pinheiro defeated Thalison Soares by three advantages


absolute: Gabi Pessanha submitted Ana Carolina Vieira with a choke from the back

super heavyweight: Gabi Pessanha submitted Mayara Custodio with a choke from the back

heavyweight: Melissa Stricker defeated Larissa Dias by one lead

light heavyweight: Amy Campo submitted Maria Malyjasiak with a rear naked choke

middleweight: Andressa Cintra defeated Thalyta Silva by disqualification

lightweight: Ffion Davies defeated Janaina Lebre 6-0

Featherweight: Bianca Basilio defeated Anna Rodrigues by one lead

Featherweight: Jessa Khan defeated Thamires Aquino 8-6

Bantamweight: Mayssa Bastos defeated Jhenifer Aquino 4-2