Watch: Female Grapplers Respond to Sexism from Metamoris

Watch: Female Grapplers Respond to Sexism from Metamoris



Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie came under fire two weeks ago when he explained his reasons for only having one female match in 6 editions. He told MMAFighting.com in a statement:


“We are experimenting with a more intimate setting for our athletes in their participation and focusing our resources on the pay-per-view experience for fans worldwide.”

“We have to be constantly pushing the edge of what our viewership is, otherwise we won’t survive. All we’re doing is reinvesting all of our money into these athletes. We’re spinning a wheel. We have to keep the wheel moving. I just don’t think there’s women who are really going to bring it on that level.”


In light of Ralek Gracie’s statements about Women’s BJJ, Verbal Tap Podcast asked a set of female grapplers a set of questions about their reactions to the Metamoris President’s recent comments. These are their responses.


Photography by: Blanca Marisa Garcia
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