(Video) Guy Taps To “Oil Check” In Jiu-Jitsu Match

(Video) Guy Taps To “Oil Check” In Jiu-Jitsu Match


The “butt drag” or “oil check” is a legit move in wrestling. For those that don’t know, an “oil check” is when one stick their finger(s) in their opponent’s butt to gain a positional advantage.

It is very common in Wrestling but there was a case of a seventeen-year-old wrestler, Jerome Hunt who faced 21 counts of rape and attempted rape for repeated ‘oil checks’ during wrestling practise. Hunt’s lawyer Mike Butler claimed the complaints came from fellow Parker wrestlers who were simply victims of a legitimate wrestling move.

The move is legal in BJJ (under IBJJF rules).

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Check out this oil check submission in a BJJ tournament in Russia.

In this case the guy who was oil checked, panicked and tapped as the finger(s) was inserted in his butt from North South at 1:20 and looks very embarrassed afterwards.

The ‘Oil Checker’ in question, Alexander F. , answering to criticism, stated:


Show me in the rules where it’s said that this move is illegal , now it’s new school of bjj!



Joe Rogan talks in detail about ‘Oil Checks’: