(Video) Cicero Costha, Coach To Miyaos & Leandro Lo: ‘My Guys Go As Hard In Training As In Competition.’



Cícero Costha is a respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach and former top competitor in the black belt featherweight division. Cicero Costha received the rank of black belt in BJJ training under the guidance of Marco Barbosa, having gone to create his own team under his name. A strong competitor of his own merit, Costha slowly gained his space and notoriety as an instructor from his gym in Ipiranga – State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, having brought to BJJ competitors such as Leandro Lo and the Miyao brothers. Read his full biography from BJJheroes.com

The excellent BJJ Hacks focus on the athletes who impress on the tatame, but they’re always interested in the teachers who helped them get there too. One professor who is doing amazing work in producing champions is Cicero Costha, teacher to Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers, and many more

BJJ Hacks went to his academy in Sao Paulo to see exactly how this little-known teacher is producing some of the most competitive grapplers of modern times.