Relson Gracie’s Tips On How To Get Faster to Black Belt Level

Relson Gracie’s Tips On How To Get Faster to Black Belt Level

Taking your BJJ skills to the next level requires you to step out of your comfort zone, and sacrifice or compromise some elements in your daily routine to stay on top. It can range anywhere between adding veggies to your dinner plate every night, or spending extra time after class to redo a move until it becomes second nature. Changes may be big or small, will only further your performance on the mats.

Drill and Roll After Class:

Maybe you weren’t comfortable with your training partner, or you couldn’t grasp the steps to that new move the instructor showed, so spending extra time on the mats after class is great for memorizing a tough move. Usually academies give open mat time after class, so take advantage of it. Pick a more skilled partner and work on the things you have been learning all week. This forces you to retain the technique you did in class that day, and rolling helps you put it into practice.


Use What You Learned:

Try to apply whatever you’ve learned in class on a particular day while it’s still fresh in your mind. Your opponent may have to use a little more skill and ingenuity to be able to get out of the technique you both just learned. And that challenges each person equally.

Grandmaster Relson Gracie discusses the importance of repetition and how that can make you improve much faster.



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