How To Avoid Overtraining in Martial Arts

How To Avoid Overtraining in Martial Arts


How do you know if you’re overtrained in martial arts?

– Lack of enjoyment during class

– Slight fevers
– Series of injuries 
– Delayed reaction times
– Depression
– Constant soreness and tiredness
– Lack of motivation to go to training

If these things happen, don’t hesitate to take a break. Either don’t do any Jiu-Jitsu for a few days or do a completely different sport for a while (to stay in shape).You will also perform better after a break. Doing one class with a fresh  body and mind is better than doing three classes feeling tired and bored.Resting is as important as training.

The problem, is when one is training for competition, the limits of physical and mental toughness have to be pushed in order to come in the best shape possible on D day .

Overtraining in martial arts is the fastest way to kill your progress – here’s how to avoid it: