Chris Haueter’s Golden Rules of Top Game Jiu-Jitsu

Chris Haueter’s Golden Rules of Top Game Jiu-Jitsu


Photo cred: Carl Fisher of thefightingphotographer

Chris Haueter, is an American martial arts athlete and coach. As one of the first American Black Belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chris is best known for his innovative teaching style and conceptual coaching ability and naming of new positions as the art rapidly developed in the mid 90’s, coined the term ‘Combat Base’ as it related to shooting platform.

He spread BJJ to the UK and across the US in the late 90’s. Chris is one of the BJJ Dirty Dozen (first 12 Non-Brazilian recipients of the BJJ black belt). He received his black belt from Rigan Machado in 1996, is the first American black belt to compete in the Mundials De Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil, the first American black belt to win a black belt match. Over the years Chris has won multiple Pan American, and superfight victories. He is also a highly respected JKD practitioner directly trained under Dan Inosanto.




Chris Haueter dropping some knowledge at the BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp.

Here are his 4 golden rules for having a strong top game in BJJ:

#1: Be the guy on top.
# 2: When on top, stay on top.
# 3: When on bottom, have a guard you shall not pass.
# 4: Never forget Rule 1: do not have a game that is overly dependent on bottom guard.

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