Carlson Gracie Jr Challenged by Professional Wrestler, Enters Ring

Carlson Gracie Jr Challenged by Professional Wrestler, Enters Ring


Carlson Gracie Jr. has just made a winning return to competition after an 18 year break.

He won his first match at the world master by choke vs Joseph Monahan of Gracie Elite Team!

Carlson Junior ended up taking the bronze medal in a stacked division.

‘The Prince of Jiu-Jitsu’  wanted to get back on the competition mats to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of his father’s passing.


During a recent trip to Australia, Carlson Gracie Jr was challenged by a professional Wrestler. Being a real Carlson Gracie bulldog, he didn’t back down and entered the ring and proceeded to respectfully lay down a Jiu-Jitsu beatdown.

Check out the video. Repost from Gareth Tibbs.


Watch his first match from the world master:

You can watch the whole event on Flograppling.com


It’s no secret that his father, Carlson Gracie Sr. is among the most loved and well respected members of the bjj community. He earned this reputation by opening jiu-jitsu for the public for the very first time. He started the Carlson Gracie Academy so all students, including those from poor background could engulf themselves in a bjj. The Senior was known for his generosity and kindness of heart as well as the desire to spread jiu-jitsu. 



Hélio Gracie, Carlson Gracie and Carlos Gracie – circa 1956

Carlson Gracie Jr was practically born in a gi but this has been much more of a gift than a burden.   He is the third child and only son of Grand Master Carlson Gracie, Sr. and the grandson of the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Carlos Gracie. He started BJJ at the age of 3 under the direction of his father. Junior, as he is affectionately known to his family and friends, attended the Rio de Janeiro State University, where he obtained a Physical Education degree in 1993. And was subsequently nicknamed “O Principe de Jiu-Jitsu” or “The Prince of Jiu-Jitsu”.


Carlson Junior holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in BJJ and a Black Belt in Judo under the famous Brazilian Judo Master, Georges Mehdi. Junior was also ranked in Greco-Roman Wrestling and earned a spot on a Brazilian Greco-Roman team that competed throughout South America. Junior won 6 titles as a Greco-Roman wrestler.


Carlson Gracie Junior reportedly put in some work with Lucas Leite around a month ago: 


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Carlson Jr taught at his father’s school in Rio de Janeiro before moving to the United States. The original Carlson Gracie School produced many students whom excelled in BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Vale Tudo. The school was known as “The Den of Champions” due to the numerous amount of champions that the school produced. Not only did Junior teach at the school but he was also one of the champions. He won 10 titles in BJJ and helped train multiple champions that made up the Carlson Gracie Arrebentação Competition Team that dominated the BBJ scene in the 80′s and 90′s.

Jiu-jitsu has always been a happy sport for him. But he was forced to retire from competing following his accident:

” The reason I stopped competing was because I was involved in a car accident and it prohibited me from competing. But this year is the 10th anniversary of my father’s passing and I have decided to sign up for the Worlds Master 2016 which I am now preparing for. Besides BJJ, I was also on the Greco Roman National team and State Judo team in Brazil.”


A lot of will and persistence are required for his next journey dedicated to honoring his father’s memory. Various postings substantiate that Junior is in much better shape nowadays. Early this month he even visited Renzo Gracie Academy in New York:


Carlson Gracie Jr was a fierce competitor way back in the day, just watch his headstrong performance against John Lewis :

As we mentioned above – he was one of members of the most revered generation of competitors – Equipe Carlson Gracie.

IBJJF World Master Competition is being held in the very end of August (from 25th till 27th) in Las Vegas. The division roster is attached below: