4 BJJ Conditioning Secrets Every BJJ Player Should Know

4 BJJ Conditioning Secrets Every BJJ Player Should Know

Guest post by Jason C. Brown of  BJJWorkouts.com

4 BJJ Conditioning Secrets Every BJJ player should know. Here’s my list.

There are really no secrets where BJJ Conditioning is concerned,but there are little known facts. There are many things that people do not like to share because it may be harder to sell their program or ebook.

These are my top 4 Conditioning Secrets Every BJJ player Should Know that I gathered from my years of being a book work and from my years of experience working with BJJ players.

I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1997 and since then I have helped hundreds of BJJ players get the most out of their training on AND off the mat.

1.Your program should be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Relevant but athlete specific.

I first heard this tip from Vern Gambetta and it was like a huge light bulb went off in my head.

For years all we heard about was sport-specific conditioning, BJJ specific conditioning etc…But we never really heard anything about making the program specific to you, the athlete.

One thing that I gathered from working with so many BJJ players is that it attracts some very unique individuals. Some with a ton of training history and no job and some with absolutely none. some had all day to train and others only had 15 minutes per day due to work and family obligations. To give these athletes the same program simply wouldn’t make sense or work.

And this isn’t even addressing injuries past and present.

So although your conditioning plan should revolve around your BJJ needs and goals it should be specific to you and your training history, your injury profile, your time commitments etc…

2. “Although 2 athletes are playing the same sport, they can me playing dramatically different games…” This is another gem from Vern Gambetta.

This point goes hand-in-hand with #1. Your conditioning needs reflect your BJJ game and your style of play, your favorite positions and submissions.

If you’re a rubber guard specialist your flexibility requirements are much different than someone that passes the guard and stays in side-control the entire match.

There are times when GPP or General Physical Preparation is the most important aspect of your conditioning and many athletes will be doing the same exercises but that does not dismiss your need to work on your game’s unique positions and tactics.

3. Strength and Conditioning really boils down to creating ” Movement Potential.” I got this from Pavel Tsatsouline. A successful program only has two goals…creating movement potential and realizing that movement potential.

You create the potential in your training on and off the mat and then you realize that potential in your actual matches.

Get strong in the gym and do some crazy Russian pick-ups on the mat. No better feeling in the world.

4. “If something is important do it everyday, if its not, don’t do it at all.” I’m stealing this directly from the god-like Dan Gable. This not only applies to your BJJ conditioning but your life in general. If flexibility is important than do some stretching every day. Enough said. Now STFU and Train.


Alexandre Vieira is one of the most exciting up and coming grapplers today under the Brazilian Top Team flag.  In 2017, his loop choke submission was chosen as the Submission of the Year by FloGrappling. Alexandre recently put together his Crucifix and Loop Choke 3 volume instructional set.  Alexandre brings a modern outlook to some of the sports most devastating, but sometimes ignored positions, the crucifix and the loop choke.