Kron Gracie’s Unusual Style of Jiu-Jitsu (No Spider, X, Berimbolo, De La Riva guard)


The guys at http://bishopbjj.com/ did a great jop of showcasing Kron Gracie’s style of jiu-Jitsu in this video. Kron is a one of the only BJJ players that wins most of his matches by submission while losing on points. He also never uses the more “modern” sport jiu-jitsu guards like X guard, spider, berimbolo etc…This makes for a very exiting come from behind style. When you watch Kron, you are always sure that it is going to be exiting. In the same way as Marcos Buchecha, Kron has a killer instinct. Kron seems to refuse to go in those positions and is always looking to finish!

Check out the Video showcasing Kron Gracie’s style here

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