2012 WPJJC results (blue, purple, black finals)

This list will be constantly updated. 
Eastern European athletes are in bold

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Black belt results:

-64KG: Fernando Vieira beat Thiago Barreto 3-1 on advantages
-70KG: Samuel Canquerino outscored Raphael dos Santos 15-0
-76KG: Roberto Satoshi beat Lucas Lepri 2-0
-82KG: Claudio Calasans Jr beat Lucas Leite 2-0
-88KG: Andre Galvão beat Vitor Toledo with a choke from the back
-94kg: Rodolfo Vieira armbared Roberto Alencar
-100KG: Xande Ribeiro beat Bernardo Faria 2-0
+100kg: Marcus Buchecha defeated Antônio Braga Neto with a ankle lock
Open class Brown/Black male: Rodolfo Vieira defeated André Galvão 4-2

Female Purple/Brown/Black belt results:
-54KG: Nyjah Easton (pic) defeated Samara Reis 17-0
-60KG: Michelle Nicolini tapped out Kyra Gracie with a ankle lock
-66KG: Luanna Alzuguir defeated Luiza Monteiro 1-0 on advantages
-72KG: Fernanda Mazelli defeated Jessica Oliveira 1-0 on advantages
+72KG: Gabi Garcia defeated Maria Malyjasiak 7-0
Open class: Gabrielle Garcia beat Beatriz Mesquita 3-2

Purple belt male results:
-64KG: Paulo Miyao (pic) defeated João Miyao 4-2
-70KG: Shane Suzuki defeated Alessandro Roman with an armbar
-76KG: Pedro Agrizzi defeated Brian Morizi by one advantage
-82KG: Keenan Cornelius choked Marcus Tinoco
-88kg: Gustavo dos Santos defeated Gregory Rodrigues by medical stoppage
-94KG: Hannu Karjalainen defeated Fernando Reis 2-0
-100KG: Faisal Al Ketbi defeated Celso Junior 2-0
+100KG: Camil Moldoveanu defeated Hidecki Sekine 6-0
Open class Purple male: Hannu Karjlainem vs. Faisal AlKutbi

Blue belt male results:
-64KG: Jordan Baddi defeated Edwin Najmi 3-1 on advantages
-70KG: Rudson Mateus (pic) outscored Tareq Radi 2-0
-76KG: Anselmo Gomes beat Rafael Matos 3-0 on advantages
-82KG: Walter Faustino defeated Naser Alqattan by Ref decision
-88KG: Risto Vesanto defeated Nick Schrock 2-0
-94KG: Michael Torcasio defeated Max Gimenis 2-0
-100KG: Julio Cesar de Lima defeated Hakim Shomirzoev with a kimura
+100KG: Abdelhak Alaoui defeated Cristopher Moncayo 4-0
Open class Blue male: Nick Schrock defeated Erberth Mesquita by an advantage

Results blue female:
-54kg: Kamella Issad (pic) beat Ellen Faria 8-0
-60KG: Jacqueline Amorim choked Mayra Mello from the back
-66kg: Katrien Verheeke beat Anna Bartkowiak 2-0
-72kg: Mile Pedersen beat Tereza Souza 2-0
+72 KG: Iris Batista tapped out Elena Zenkevich with a kimura
Open: Elena Zenkevich tapped out Katrien Verheeke from the back

Open class White male: Mohammad Walid defeated Pascu Ion by advantages
Open class White Fem: Rana Qubbaj beat Arlen Lim 2-0
Open class Senior: Craig Stower defeated Abdelakader Azza by points

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