Romulo Barral’s Personal Trainer: “Rominho Has Reached a Limit Most Athletes Don’t Know EXist.”


This week, Romulo Barral’s very well known strength and conditioning coach, Leo Frincu, wrote a special blog post dedicated just to Rominho.

In the post, Leo talks about why Romulo WILL reach all of his goals. Check it out:

“Today was another amazing day. It was another reason why I absolutely love my job and it was confirmed again that what I preach works. Romulo, after years of training, you’ve reached a limit most athletes don’t know exist. I’ve been coaching you for a while and I can proudly tell you that your mental and physical state have established an alliance that very few are able to achieve. You experienced how your desire fuels your drive. You acknowledged your will power becoming your weapon. This is the day when your purpose became your religion and your Dream became your God. Today was the perfect example of what it takes to achieve your goal. You need to worship it. You need to believe in it. You need to feel it running through your veins. You need to become one with your dream, as if, life wouldn’t matter without.
My friend, welcome to the NEXT LEVEL.”

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