Summary of Prof Jorge Pereira’s seminar in Macedonia

Prof. Jorge Pereira, BJJ legend, 6th degree black belt under master Rickson Gracie,  conducted a series of successful seminars last week in Macedonia. He also did around 20 privates (bjj, vale tudo). On Sunday he conducted a great seminar with his assistant, blue belt and leader of ROOTS BJJ MACEDONIA, Ivica Aleksovski .

Prof. Pereira showed many techniques from bjj and vale Tudo. He is the creator of one of the only free style fights in Vale Tudo called Rio Heroes. His big experience from bjj and Vale Tudo was shared with members from ROOTS and jeet kune do clubs The” Strongest”. Prof. Pereira showed that he is a quality teacher, experienced fighter, and a good friend. In his first seminar in Macedonia ( this is his first seminar in Europe ) he had 70 participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Bulgaria. Everyone was inspired by Prof. Pereira teaching. He always had a big smile for everyone. On Saturday, he had 8 privates of 2 hours, 10 hours of teaching, talking, & sparring. He showed that is quality professional.

Prof. Pereira made a big change to his representatives from ROOTS, he changed their bjj game. He was impressed with the Macedonian culture and Macedonian people. Because of this he did a tattoo with picture of a Macedonian lion and Macedonian warrior on his shoulder ( tattoo was made in VaskoZ tattoo studio www.tattoovaskoz.com ) and now he is connected to Macedonia forever.
During the seminar he did a few promotions.
This BJJ 6th DAN promised that he will come to Macedonia every year!