World Profesional Jiu-Jitsu Championship Bucharest Trial 2013 Review & Results

Moldovan Team

Moldovan Team

163 participants registered for the second edition of Bucharest UAEJJ Championship 2013, 63% more than last year! There were for the first time 28 kids participating from Romania, the rest were adults from 15 different countries in Europe. 

Qualified and received all expense paid trip for World Pro in Abu Dhabi:

Male WHITE belts
Open weight – TRAVEL PACKAGE: Alexei Strechie, BJJ Athletic (Moldova)

Male BLUE belts
Open weight – TRAVEL PACKAGE: Eldar Rafigaev, Jungle JJ (Moldova/Czech Republic)

Male PURPLE belts
Open weight – TRAVEL PACKAGE: Camil Moldoveanu, Absoluto Bucuresti (Romania)

Female WHITE&BLUE belts
Open weight – TRAVEL PACKAGE: Amal Amjanid, Cens Academy

The 5th edition of World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup, will be held in Abu Dhabi, on 11-13 April 2012. It’s the largest professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event in the world, with combined prize fund of one million US dollars.

Here you have the results of the second edition, 23rd of February 2013. Congratulations to all the winners and to all participants!

White, -65kg male Florin Sebastian, Absoluto Bucuresti Cristian Iorga Agon Xande Ribeiro Maris Ciprian, MMA Transilvania
White, -74kg male Catalin Casaru, Absoluto Constanta Velko Gergov, Twisted JJ Mihail Cazacu, Absoluto Bucuresti
White, -83kg male Valentin Stanescu, Behring Nicolae Visan, Soul Fighters Gheorghe Fus, Absoluto Bucuresti
White, -92kg male Claudiu Bordei, Behring Ciprian Chiru, Absoluto Bucuresti Alexei Strechie, BJJ Athletic
White, +92kg male Marian Gandore, Absoluto Bucuresti Roger Milea, Absoluto Bucuresti Robert Toma, Behring
White, LIGHT OPEN, male Florin Sebastian, Absoluto Bucuresti Cristian Iorga, Agon Xande Ribeiro Mihail Cazacu, Absoluto Bucuresti
White, OPEN, male Alexei Strechie, BJJ Athletic Robert Toma, Behring Chiru Ciprian, Absoluto Bucuresti
Blue, -65kg male Mihai Handrea, Absoluto Bucuresti Marco Cairo, Rafael Ribeiro Boris Angelov, Checkmat
Blue, -74kg male Andrei Muscalu, Absoluto Bucuresti Alin Pica, Absoluto Bucuresti Dinu Bucalet, Absoluto Bucuresti
Blue, -83kg male Alexandru Birlea, Absoluto Bucuresti Horatiu Balint, Absoluto Bucuresti Ion Panzaru, Absoluto Bucuresti
Blue, -92kg male Ion Pascu, Absoluto Bucuresti Fazekas Andras, GB Hungary Daniel Uba, Absoluto Bucuresti
Blue, +92kg male Eldar Rafigaev, Jungle JJ Yanik Kumbaski, Checkmat Domenico Armento, South Side JJ
Blue, LIGHT OPEN, male Dinu Bucalet, Absoluto Bucuresti Alin Pica, Absoluto Bucuresti Marco Cairo, Rafael Ribeiro
Blue, OPEN, male Eldar Rafigaev, Jungle JJ Ion Pascu, Absoluto Bucuresti Mihai Handrea, Absoluto Bucuresti
Purple, -74kg male Remus Corbei, Absoluto Bucuresti Remo Casella, Tribe JJ Vladimir Szharkalov, Twisted JJ
Purple, -83kg,male Thomas Buchkam, Planet Eater Akos Szekeres, GB Hungary Clifford Edwards, Cicero Coshta
Purple, -92kg male Marius Varlan, Marius Varlan Hristo Hristov, Checkmat Harri Pakkola, Alliance
Purple, +92kg male Lukasz Michalec, Drysdale JJ Camil Moldoveanu, Absoluto Bucuresti Bence Gyorgy, GB Hungary
Purple, OPEN, male Camil Moldoveanu, Absoluto Bucuresti Clifford Edwards, Cicero Coshta Harri Pakkola, Alliance
White&Blue, -63kg female Amal Amjanid, Cens Academy Emilia Vladova, Checkmat Luana Bodescu, Nova Uniao
White&Blue, +63kg female Claire Henry, Tengu Absoluto Emilia Pavlova, Twisted JJ Tereza Cordeiro, GB Hungary
White&Blue, OPEN female Amal Amjanid, Cens Academy Claire Henry, Tengu Absoluto Emilia Pavlova, Twisted JJ
Junior, -30kg Paul Scurtu, Absoluto Braila Cosmin Stefanuca, Absoluto Braila Vlad Pavel, Absoluto Braila
Junior, -38kg Cristi Bordea, Absoluto Constanta Alexandru Albu, Agon Xande Ribeiro George Veniamin, Wazari Dojo
Junior, -50kg Adrian Alexe, Absoluto Braila Violeta Dumitru, Agon Xande Ribeiro Lavinia Ionescu, Agon Xande Ribeiro
Teen, -49kg Diana Hutanu, Agon Xande Ribeiro Lidia Marin, Agon Xande Ribeiro Mihai Haradau, Absoluto Braila
Teen, -69kg Dragos Leu, Behring Elena Caraivan, Absoluto Braila Bogdan Croitoru, Absoluto Braila
Juvenile, -66kg Boris Iliev, Checkmat Stefan Nicolae, Behring Catalin Ghita, Nova Uniao
Juvenile, -76kg Rares Visalom, Absoluto Bucuresti Flavius Mitca, Nova Uniao Vlad Ivan, Absoluto Tecuci
  Juvenile, -86kg Silviu Gherghelau, Behring Alexandru Manughevici, Absoluto Tecuci Indru Nedelcu, Behring