Shout out to new brown and purple Belts in Serbia: Mateja Valjarevic and Uros Domanovic

 Black belts Jovan Zerjal and Slobodan Davitkov of Zerjal Team Serbia recently had some new promotions after the European Open in Lisbon, Portugal. Receiving a much deserved brown belt was Mateja “Black Mamba”Valjarevic. Mateja is the head instructor of Lutador academy (Zerjal Team) and a very detailed instructor as well as a well accomplished competitor.

A purple belt was handed to Uros “Mali” Domanovic who proved his worth in bjj after winning many regional tournaments as well as international  tourneys (Bronze at Arizona Open, and Bronze at Europeans at blue belt adult). With just 2,5 years of bjj training, and just 19 years old, Uros Domanovic is the fastest purple belt promotion in the history of Serbian BJJ! A true phenom who if he continues like this will be a great champion of the sport in years to come.

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