Camil Moldoveanu & Remus Corbei of Romania Take Gold in World Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Vienna


Remus and Camil on the left

Two Romanian BJJ competitors from Absoluto BJJ , Camil Moldoveanu (IBJJF Europeans winner at white, blue and purple and World pro winner) & Remus Corbei  ( 3 times IBJJ european gold medalist, 2x in the gi and 1x no gi)  just got back from Worlds in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu, in Vienna, Austria. Camil Moldoveanu and Remus Corbei got gold in Ne Waza tournament (ground fighting, similar to BJJ), Camil beat Marcelo Coppa, a 3 stripes black belt from Brazil in the final and took gold at +84 .  Remus won -70 with all 4 fights by submission. The -84 the podium was filled with 4 black belts in BJJ 🙂 great performance for Romania and Eastern Europeans!

Remus Corbei


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