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The goal of the website is for the BJJ community of Central-Eastern Europe to meet and read about the latest bjj news , events, seminars, competitions in the region. There is also a large BJJ and Grappling academy database on the site so that wherever you go, you will always have a place to train. IF you have any news to share or need to update your academy information please email text and pictures to gilehuni23@gmail.com

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You need more than just technique, you need GAME CHANGING concepts & details.

Calling this instructional “Game Changer” is possibly the understatement of the millennium. This must be the greatest collection of BJJ concepts, theories, and applications EVERY filmed. Paul Schreiner (main instructor at Marcelo Garcia Academy NYC) breaks down the “how’s” and “why’s” & goes into great detail about mechanics, movements, positioning and more. The depth of the material covered in this series is so deep this may be the one instructional you will refer to throughout your BJJ journey.