How To Control Your Cravings For Unhealthy Foods

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If you want to live the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle, you need to eat clean. This starts by putting an end to all types of junk food and sweets. Most people have no trouble, when highly motivated, to eat clean for a few days. But what happens when you have food cravings?

A food craving is a strong desire for a certain food or kind of food. You can’t get rid of your cravings if you don’t understand them. Before you start changing your eating habits, go over them and try to figure out what you crave and when. Some people crave sweets while others crave salty food. Some people have food cravings that are connected to physical hunger, while other people might crave comfort foods when they’re stressed out or depressed. Keep a food diary if you’re not sure when cravings hit.

Livestrong came up with this 5 step plan on how to control cravings:

“Step 1
Stay full. It’s harder to resist a food craving when you’re hungry. Eat several small meals throughout the day and never spend more than four hours without some food.

Step 2
Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Your body can confuse thirst with hunger, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz. If you have a hard time drinking eight glasses a day, try herbal teas, diet soda, fresh vegetable juices and sugar-free sports drinks.

Step 3
Keep only healthy snacks at home. Chances are you will crave cookies, not apples. When you look inside the cupboards and find no cookies, however, you’re likely to just eat an apple. This will help you keep full and might help the craving disappear. Stock up on nuts, whole wheat crackers, roasted soybeans, dried fruit and low-fat mozzarella sticks.

Step 4
Take a nap when a craving strikes. When you’re tired, your body might crave carbohydrates because it needs a very quick source of energy. Even a five-minute nap might help if you’re not at home and can’t properly rest.

Step 5
Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar affects your blood glucose, triggering quick ups and downs and causing you to crave more sugar. Soda contains high amounts of sugar, and so do fruit juices, some cereals and even cereal or energy bars. Compare labels when shopping and choose the item that is lower in sugar.”

You can refer this this table about what are healthy options: