Gracies Launch Belt System for Gracie Diet

Gracies Launch Belt System for Gracie Diet


Carlos Gracie copied and adapted a nutritional regimen, from the Argentinean/French naturist Juan Esteve Dulin, and is now marketed as the Gracie Diet. Following the Hippocratean maxim “Let your food be your remedy”, Carlos aimed this pseudoscientific diet to a system that would primarily prevent illness on days of competition.

The basic principle of the Gracie Diet is to keep blood pH level neutral by consuming only compatible nutrients at each meal. Gracie Diet is flexible but it definitely prohibits consumption of pork and its derivatives and adopts abstinence from alcohol and tobacco.
The major focus of the diet primarily about specific food pairings and foods not to eat: like dried fruits and pork.

  • Raw or cooked egg yolk, coconut water, brewer’s yeast, coffee, and several kinds of tea are neutral. They’re compatible with any food.
  • Bread should be made from whole flour and should not be consumed within 24 hours of being baked. Then, prior to being eaten, it should be toasted or oven-warmed.
  • Avoid sweets, canned foods in syrup, and spices including: pepper, clove, cinnamon, mustard, pickles, and vinegar.
  • Don’t eat pork in any form.
  • Space meals at least 41⁄2 hours apart to ensure complete digestion before you eat again. It’s OK to wait longer. Young children may eat every 4 hours. If you feel hungry before it’s time to eat, drink a glass of water. Never snack.




The Gracie family has now released a Gracie Diet guide following the Jiu-Jitsu belt system and you can be a black belt in Gracie diet in as fast as 5 weeks :


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