Polish BJJ Champion, Karolina Zawodnik on BJJ in Poland, Crossfit and Training in Denmark

1. Hi Karolina, can you please introduce yourself to the BJJ community of Eastern Europe? Name, age, BJJ rank, where you train, where are you from, main bjj achievements etc

Hi, my name is Karolina Zawodnik and i am 30 years old. I train in Poland in the city of Szczecin and my club is “Berserkers team “. I have a brown belt from Felipe Costa and Piotr Bagiński. In 2010 I won the IBJJF European championship in the purple belts in Lisbon and I qualified for the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu in Abhu Dhabi. I won three European Championships and twice won the world championship in NO GI and GI in Fila Grappling.

2. How did you start training BJJ?

In 2003 i started judo trainings and in 2005 I started BJJ.

3. Please tell us about the women’s Jiu-Jitsu scene in Poland

Nowadays in Poland not so many girls are training, but from year to year it is increasing. I am trying to open my own section of BJJ for women in my own club and I hope I will make it. Now I am answering in polish:)

4. Can you please take us through a regular week in training when you are training for competition (how many training / day, conditioning training etc)

Before the competition I train 4 times a week Bjj, and two times cross fit or 2 times running for 60 minutes. I also use a specific diet and It is starting to pay off as I have been successful of late..

5. Do you do any other sports apart from Jiu-Jitsu? Does it help your Jiu-Jitsu in any way?

Just like I said i run, go yoga, and train cross fit, and I think that without cross fit you can’t win as it really helps your cardio (see article Benefits of Crossfit for BJJ).

6. Who have been your toughest opponents so far in competition? 

With her coach Piotr Bagi Baginski

There are lots of difficult fighters, but girls from Denmark are the best (Like Janni Larsson), so this year I want to go to their country and train with them before the European Championships to make my BJJ better.

7. Please tell us about the school where you train and about your instructor Piotr Bagi Baginski

I think that my club is one of the best clubs in whole Poland, and even Europe. Piotr Baginski is a very good trainer and fighter, so we have a lots of top fighters , and we have lots of success in Europe.  Our main instructor is Felipe Costa, who is visits us once a year and gives us good tricks and details BJJ.

8. Are you planning on competing in MMA?

Firtst I want to get a black belt in BJJ and later we’ll see…

I want to thank my coach Piotr Bagiński, my friend from the club, my sponsor PIT BULL, sad Alfikowi , my coach from crossfit Przemysław Wojdalski!!!!

Some of Karolina’s fight’s:

The semi-final battle NO GI
The final battle NO GI

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