European FILA Grappling Champion, Uroš Čulić From Serbia:” Anybody Can Be Beaten With The Simplest Techniques If Applied Properly”

1. Uros can you please introduce yourself to the BJJ community of Eastern Europe?

My name is Uroš Čulić, I’m from Serbia and my hometown is Belgrade. Im a purple belt in BJJ and my main titles are three medals at IBJJF Europeans and three medals at FILA European Championships.

At the Fila europeans 2012

2. How did you start training BJJ?

As a child I watched MMA, and I’ve always admired fighters who came from BJJ. I always liked to watch submissions. But I also loved wrestling. So when I was  fifteen years old I started to practice wrestling, but after a while I realized that something was missing in this great sport,  It was submissions. After four years of wrestling I made the transition to bjj. I inquired about the BJJ clubs in Belgrade and I found out that the best and most accomplished club in Serbia is Žerjal team . Five and a half years ago I went to the Zerjal team academy and just after the first practice I fell in love with the sport. Since then I haven’t stopped practicing BJJ.

3. You have had a great 2011-2012 winning the Gold at European Fila Gi, silver at No gi, Silver at IBJJF Europeans purlple adult, Croatian Open 2011, Fila 2011 etc, What was the title that you are the most proud of and what did you do different in the past year in terms of training and physical preparation?

Well, the title of which I am proudest is definitely gold medal at FILA European Championship wich was held in june of this year. As for the physical preparation, in the past year and a half, I didn’t make some radical changes but I made a lot of changes on my mental plan. In the past, I often had problems with jitters because I expect too much of myself, but lately I’ve learned to go to the competition and just have fun and give my best. I think I grew a lot in that way.

Zerjal Team in Serbia

4. Please tell us about where you train 

I train in Žerjal team from Belgrade. Our head coach is Jovan Žerjal and our assistant coach is Slobodan Davitkov, both of them are black belts. This club was established in 2000 and since then we have made great achievements in the region and also on the IBJJF European Championships and some championships in USA, such as NAGA.

5. How do you see the BJJ and grappling scene in Serbia?

 I think that the grappling and BJJ are solidly developed in Serbia, considering that they exist only 12 years in our country. I think that Serbs generally love this sport, and quite a number of people train it. But I definitely can say that in Serbia there is not enough investment in this sport (Compared to basketball or tennis for example).

IBJJF Europeans 2012, purple adult

6. Who are the current BJJ competitors that you admire?

I will always admire Roger Gracie, because he showed us that every fighter can be beaten with the simplest techniques, if one performes them properly. I also like fighting style of Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. Because of his speed and explosiveness, considering his weight.

7. How would you decribe your style of BJJ?

I think that one of the most important things in BJJ is that a fighter always be active and that he doesn’t stop. Because if you stop even for a half of second your opponent can use that against you. I always try to have this in my mind and to comply to this rule of mine, whether I attack or defend. Also I always try to be the person that is attacking. I think I’m a fighter who gradually moves from one position to another, and while I’m doing that I try to make as much pressure on the opponent. Also, my goal in every fight is to submit my opponent.

8. What is next for you and your team in 2012?

For me, the next big thing is FILA World Championships that will be held on October  10th this year in Moscow.  I will be competing in gi and no gi division, in category under 100kg. And two weeks after that me and my team will be fighting on Serbian open, wich will be held in Belgrade. On this occasion I invite all interested fighters to appear on this tournament. Don’t miss this, there will be some grat fighters from our region.

9. Thanks a lot Uros and all the best!

Thank you and I also wish you all the best! You’re doing a great job for bjj community in Eastern Europe! Keep it up!