Rising Brands: We Review Mighty Jungle’s “Battle Rattle” Gi

Rising Brands: We Review Mighty Jungle’s “Battle Rattle” Gi

The BATCH NO. 1 – “BATTLE RATTLE is the first release in Mighty Jungle‘s line (facebook.com/mightyjunglebrand)premium Jiu Jitsu gis.  Mighty Jungle is an up and coming BJJ brand that are going to make big waves.

I was looking for a lightweight gi with a simple design (not too bling), but also very solid. Also I wanted to spend less than 100 dollars (retails at 99 dollars) on a gi for a change.
I contacted Mighty Jungle and was really satisfied with the great service they provided me.
The Gi arrived at my doorstep surprisingly fast, despite living in Serbia.

The Gi came in a cool bag which can be very useful for carrying your gi.



  • 450 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Drill Cotton Pants
  • Stretchy Cord Drawstring ; 6 Loop System
  • Tiffany Blue & Pink Colorway
  • Micro Twill Lining for Comfort
  • Woven Taping
  • Reinforced at All Stress Points
  • 100% Competition Legal
  • Inspired by Mike Tyson, Sun Tzu, and the Animal Kingdom.




The first thing I noticed when I received the gi was how light it was (1,4 kgs for a A1) and also the nice embroidery on the gi. Unlike some gis, there aren’t any sown patches on the jacket, everything is embroided. The gi fitted me well but I wanted it to be a bit tighter. I personally like my gis to have a tight fit as I feel that I move better. So I washed the gi a few times at 60 degrees and it shrank just enough for me to have my desired fit. I was all set to roll in it! After 3 weeks of rolling non stop in the Gi, the size is the same.

Material and durability:

After 3 weeks of rolling everyday in the gi, it has held up very well to tough gripping of my partners. This gi is built to last and will do great in gtraining and competition.The jacket is made of Pearl Weave and a one piece design, so fear of tearing is non-existentThe quality of the fabric is very similar to the higher priced Jiu Jitsu gis.
The skirt of the jacket in size feels great , not too short and not too long , much like the higher priced gi’s, the Battle Rattle feels as high quality as the other gi manufacturers.
The pants of the Battle Rattle are also made of  drill cotton material, and very strong. Deceiving to the untrained eye the pants ” look” as though they are soft and cuddly, but with the touch of the hand you will quickly  notice the strength and robust fabric.  The tie system of the pants uses 6 loops instead of the usual 2 or 3 loops, so the drawstring is sure to stay put.  The fit of the pants are great in the seat and crotch area, they don’t fit snug but not too loose either, the fit of the pant legs do feel a bit long, but a few washes and the pant legs should come up a bit.

The thing I like about this gi  is the simple and understated look. If I want I can decorate it with various patches. I think it’s a nice classy low key gi with a cool design.

Feeling when rolling: 

After washing it a few times at 60 degrees, I was able to shrink to my desired size. The gi is very comfortable to roll in especially now that it is to my size. I think that I will especially enjoy this one in the summer when temperatures will hit the mid 30’s. 

In Conclusion
Mighty Jungle‘s Battle Rattle is fantastic value for money. It retails at just 99 USD HERE and to be honest, at that price, I have never seen a such good quality gi! If this gi had cost 160 USD I would not have been surprised to be honest.
The design is classy and the quality is great and I can see this gi lasting a long time.

I would give the Battle Rattle a Mark of 9/10

-Great value for money. 

-High quality strong fabric
-Strong stitching
– Stitched emblems
– Attractive styling
– Durable and light
– Strong Pearl Weave

-Didn’t exactly fit the way I wanted it the first time (It eventually did after washing it at 60 degrees)