BJJEE Gi Review: Valor Victory Premium Lightweight Gi


Valor Fightwear is a British company with a great selection of BJJ Gis at excellent prices. They sent us their newest Gi, the “Victory Premium Lightweight” to try out. I own a really big number of Gis and to be honest I don’t really have any real preference for certain designs or types of gis. For me, diversity is good since wearing the same type of gi all the time can get boring.

I wore this Gi non stop for 4 weeks while training and even brought it with me on vacation in Spain as it was my lightest gi, and trained with it there. The first thing that impressed was the design and the look as well as by the the light weight of the Gi. The Victory comes in white, royal blue, black, dark blue and even a very original grey color!


Height Weight Size
5’2-5’8 55-70 Kilo A1
5’9-5’11 71-86 Kilo A2
6’0-6’2 87-102 Kilo A3
6’2-6’3 103-120 Kilo A4

Squirt embroidery

Pant embroidery

Pant embroidery



450 Gram Pearl Weave Jacket,
Rip Stop Covered Rubberised Lapel
Contrast Stitching
8oz Canvass Cotton Trousers
4 Drawstring Loops to keep the drawstring in the correct position and to stop it moving around
Super Thick Duo Layer Rope Drawstring

Weight for the A3: 1,7 kilos


Sizing and shrinking:

I’m 1m86 and 87 kilos and the A3 fit me almost perfectly out of the box. The gi has natural shrinkage rate of approx. 3-5% after washing in warm/hot water.Washing in hot water can be used to shrink the GI and adjust it to your body type. Wash cold only if you are satisfied with the fit.

I washed the gi at 30 degrees everyday for the 4 week period and it shrunk just a little by becoming tighter. The sleeves stayed the same which is important for passing IBJJF regulations. 

Material, cut and durability:

The Victory has a 450 gsm (gram per sq meter) pearl weave top which makes it at the same time light weight, comfortable and durable. The cut is tight fitting, which I personally prefer. The jacket is reinforced at all stress points, shoulders and back, arm pits, side vents, everything with triple stitching. The collar is made of EVA foam with rip stop.

The Pants are made from 8oz canvass cotton with reinforced knees and feature contrast stitching, drawstring loops and Drawstring. The coolest part of the gi is the drawstring which is my opinion the BEST drawstring I’ve seen on a go so far. It is a duo layer rope drawstring. Its twice as thick as most other rope drawstrings and features a canvass cotton outer layer and a thick slightly elasticated inner core


In my opinion the design is very cool and original. There are just enough embroideries and patches. The round arm DSC03898embroideries remind me a bit of the Shoyoroll .The contrast white stitching is a nice touch. I like the small victory inscription on the gi skirt too. The design is really a big plus of this gi.

Feeling when rolling:

The gi is very nice to roll in and is really light. It was was my go to gi this summer because of the heat. It also makes for a great gi for competition if you are near the weight limit. The jacket is solid and made to last under constant pulling and tugging. The canvas pants are comfortable. The gi is a perfect compromise between light and solid.

In Conclusion

The Victory gi retails for 90 € on Valorfightwear.com which makes it a great bargain for such a well made gi. I have seen Gis of the same quality priced at 150 euros…Valor fightwear really deserves the recognition since they are a quality company that produce Gis at a great value for your money.