BJJEE Gi Review: Doguera Arte Suave Gi


DOGUERA is a new clothing brand dedicated to modern martial arts, born from the passion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA.
The animal symbolizing the brand-name is the olive baboon (Papio Anubis) which combines flexibility, strength and agility, but if necessary can be particularly aggressive and pugnacious.
Its name has its roots in Egyptian mythology and the god “Anubis.”
The semantics of DOGUERA merge ideas and strong values: “Do” for “The way”, “Guera” for war .
This passion comes from the desire to provide innovative designs and flawless manufacturing quality. Become an ambassador for our brand, become a DOGUERA. “


The words and images that come to my mind when I think of a baboon are: agility, aggressiveness, and strength. All components of a BJJ fighter. When the guys from Doguera contact me and sent me their Arte suave model gi. I was more than happy to test it out.

The Arte suave comes in royal blue (like mine), Navy blue and black.

Here are the specs:

450g Pearl weave jacket (ideal compromise for everyday training and competition for every month of the year)
The collar is made of EVA foam which is fast drying & antibacterial, covered in quality fabric, that ensures strength and durability.
100% cotton pants 10.5 oz (6 loops of cord for a better fit around the waist, thick round cord for comfort)
High quality embroidery with the baboon logo on both shoulders as well as the left breast. You also received a fully embroidered 30cm ² patch for free.
Reinforcements and triple stitching in strategic locations that reinforce the strength of the Gi.



  • A1    50kg-68kg/110-150 lbs     160cm-170cm/ 5’3″-5’7″
  • A1L   68kg-75kg/ 150-165         167cm-175cm/ 5’6-5’9″
  • A2    75kg-86kg/ 165-190        175cm-180cm/ 5’6″-5’11”
  • A2L   75kg-88kg/ 165-195       180cm-190cm/ 5’11”-6’3″
  • A3    86kg-102kg/ 190-225       180cm-188cm/ 5’11”-6’2″
  • A3L   88kg-104kg/ 195-230      188cm-193cm/ 6’2″-6’4″ 
  • A4   102kg-111kg/ 225-245     182cm-193cm/ 6’0″-6’4″
  • A5   111kg-122kg/ 245-270      188cm-200cm/ 6’2″-6’7″

This one of the only gi brands that offer sizing in between sizes which is great for those that are for ex between a A3 and A2.

SAMSUNGSizing: The Arte Suave gi came in at almost the right size when I received it. I washed the gi at 30 degrees to not shrink shrink too much. I usually use A3 in other brands and I’m 1m85 and 86 kilos. This gi was an A2L which according to the above size would be perfect. After the first wash, the gi fit me exactly how I wanted it. The Arte suave gi have a more tailored fit on me but without feeling too constricting.

Material and durability: The Gi top is Pearl weave and you feel that a lot of work and gi making experience has been put into this model. Everything is double and triple stitched. The material is top class, and the embroidery is very well done. I have rarely seen a gi with such good craftsmanship. The collar is more than averagely thick. This is a durable gi made for everyday training. It weighs around 1,9 kilos at A2L. This feels like it will last a lifetime of rugged training.

Look: I think Doguera did an excellent job in designing this gi. This one for sure looks the sharpest with the classy customized Brazilian flag embroidery and cool shoulder patches. The first thing you’ll notice is how simple but sharp this gi looks. The gi is not too patched up and not too flashy, in my opinion it has been done with a lot of good taste.


Feeling when rolling: As a A2L, the gi weighs weighs in at 1.9 kilos. The gi is really comfortable and the thick collar will help you out in defending collar chokes. It is suitable for hot or cold weather rolling.

So in my personal opinion I would give this gi a 9,5/10 rating in terms of satisfaction. I really enjoy rolling in it and it looks great too!
The plus points for me are the fit, the high quality, the classy embroidery and design. It is of course very comfortable to wear. The gi retails at 139,9 euros at Unlimited fightwear