Eddie Bravo: “There’s A Leak Out Of Royler’s Camp That He’s Working On Catching Me With A Leglock”

Eddie Bravo: “There’s A Leak Out Of Royler’s Camp That He’s Working On Catching Me With A Leglock”



A few days ahead of his big clash with Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3, Eddie Bravo spoke with Luke Thomas of MMAfighting, and discussed the evolution of his game, Royler’s style and his preparation:


“The last time you guys faced was in 2003. How different of a grappler are you now compared to then?

My system is way more complex, way more sophisticated. So many more moves, it just keeps growing and growing. For every new transition, there’s a counter and then we need a counter to that counter and then it grows. It’s like the difference between a tree that was planted in 2000 and then it grew for 3 years and then what is that tree going to look like in 2014? Same thing.

But I mean, you’re still fundamentally a guard player, right? You still have go-to submissions over other ones? Is that a fair characterization?

Yes. Back then in 2003, I still was very good at the twister. The rubber guard was just starting to develop. I had the lockdown game solid, electric chairs down. I still have all that, but so much more and so many new versions. It’s like the version Pro Tools 3 and then Pro Tools 11. It’s still the same operating system, still the same ideas, but there are so many more bells and whistles and different variations. It’s a way more complicated system than it was back then.




Do you think Royler’s changed very much since then?

I don’t think so. I think he’s one of those guys that believes – and rightfully so, because there’s something to be said for sticking to the basics, don’t get too fancy, just stick to the basic game plan. I’ve watched all of his matches from Abu Dhabi. That’s how I warm up. I get on the stair master, put on YouTube and just watch it, and it’s all super basic, but really, really, really good.

The only thing he does outside of the box is he likes foot locks. We’ve been preparing for that since the match was announced. He likes going for foot looks a lot, so I’ve been working with Erik Paulson, and Jean Jacques Machado is also awesome with leg lock defense. I’ve worked with Karen Darabedyan, Josh Barnett, Alan Belcher. No one’s done more than him when it comes to defending leg locks.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on leg locks knowing that Royler likes leg locks and apparently there’s a leak out of his camp that he’s been working heavy, heavy leg locks. Hopefully, I am ready for it. Other than that, though, his game seems to be pretty straightforward and solid. Basic, but super solid.



Do you worry about the leg locks given that you’re wearing gi pants this time around? Obviously you’re training and preparing for it, but it is an added risk?

Yeah, but at the same time I can go after his legs, too. It’s an advantage for him and it’s an advantage for me. We’ll both have the advantage with the pants. Who’s to say I’m not going to go after his legs? If I decide to go after his legs, then the pants are going to help me.”