David Vs Goliaths: Rooster Weight Caio Terra To Compete At Ultra Heavy @2014 Pan

David Vs Goliaths: Rooster Weight Caio Terra To Compete At Ultra Heavy @2014 Pan



Rooster weight world champion Caio Terra is looking for a challenge! Caio who weighs around 55 kilos will compete against opponents twice his weight at the 2014 Pan which will be held on March 12th to 16 in Irvine, California. He will be facing opponents weighing over 100 kilos, the Ultra Heavies.


This is not the first time that Caio has done this. He has already won 2 Open weight golds at IBJJF Opens  (US nationals and Las Vegas Open in 2010,  and silver at San Francisco Open in 2013).

He had beaten the world class Bruno Bastos in the 2010 US nationals (see the video below).

“Bruno was a gentleman on the mats,” Terra says, “He showed really good sportsmanship. He was very cool.” As a competitor, Terra said, “His base is very good. His weight seems way stronger than he is.” Caio Terra then said

“I tried to crush him, but there were so many legs flying around!” Bastos says that Terra is very tough. “He won the open in Las Vegas and now again. I have to train more with small guys. He’s very flexible. I kept trying to pass his guard, but couldn’t.” Said Bastos about Terra


In this Pan, he’ll be facing some monsters such as Alexander Trans or Abraham Marte.

In 2004, the middleweight Fernando Tererê from TT Team, registered to compete in the Mundials in the super heavy weight division, so he could face rival Marcio “Pe De Pano” Cruz.

Pe De Pano didnt register, and Terere made it all the way to the finals of this division, eventually losing to Fabricio Werdum.

How do you think Caio Terra BJJ is going to do at the Pans?

Check out Caio vs Bruno Bastos, Open weight finals match at US nationals 2010: