“By Grapplers, For Grapplers”: Epic Roll Set To Change Jiu-Jitsu Landscape

“By Grapplers, For Grapplers”: Epic Roll Set To Change Jiu-Jitsu Landscape

When it comes to BJJ gear companies, you could say that they are a dime in a dozen. There’s quite a lot of them and they aren’t that different from each other…

But that’s not the case with Epic Roll.

Built by a team of passionate grapplers, they’re not “just another manufacturer”.
They’re set to change the landscape of BJJ apparel with outstanding quality, intertwined with an awesome Epic Tribe community.



Originally founded by Matt Wahlstrom, a serial entrepreneur and BJJ black belt under Tom DeBlass, Epic Roll was born out of Matt’s dream to create the most comfortable, light, and durable Jiu-Jitsu gear possible.
Epic Roll chased perfection… And quickly reached it.

Elite athletes and prominent members of the BJJ community became avid supporters of the brand, which was growing so fast that Matt needed assistance elevating the company to the next level.

So, he partnered with two of his friends: Zoltan Bathory and Heather Grace Gracie.

Zoltan Bathory, Matt Wahlstrom, Heather Grace Gracie

Zoltan Bathory, Matt Wahlstrom, Heather Grace Gracie

Zoltan Bathory is the founder and guitarist of the famous Five Finger Death Punch rock band.
He is also a lifelong martial artist, as well as an actively competing BJJ black belt under Mica Cipili and Royler Gracie.

We asked Zoltan what is so different about Epic Roll in comparison to other brands.
Here is his reply:

The answer to that question is that Epic Roll isn’t just a manufacturer; it’s genuinely “For Grapplers, By Grapplers”.

Apart from producing Epic Roll gear, we also collaborate with prominent Jiu-Jitsu players, providing them with a turnkey solution ranging from design and development to manufacturing.
We can even market and sell it for them.

In essence, we handle the heavy lifting so the athletes can focus on training and competing, but through Epic Roll they can have their own signature gear.
We created co-branded custom equipment for notable figures such as Jeff Glover, Chewjitsu, McDojo, Tom DeBlass, Harley Flanagan and many others.

Beyond that, we also manufacture for schools and entire school networks.
This is how we managed to create a community around the company… The Epic Tribe.

A tribe that gets together and actually hangs out and trains.

Heather Grace Gracie is the granddaughter of Carlos Gracie Sr., one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s founding fathers.
She runs “Gracie Worldwide”, a management company for athletes, with clients such as Kywan Gracie and Rayron Gracie.

She also fights poachers as a member and advisor for VETPAW – an anti-poaching organization operating on the African continent…
And is a real-life model for “Ana Vega”, a Call Of Duty special forces operative!



Epic Roll isn’t committed “just” to creating the coolest BJJ gear.
They’re aiming for much more than that – for Jiu-Jitsu’s expansion and stronger impact all around the world.

But the fantastic trio couldn’t do it all by themselves. They needed people who are as excited about Jiu-Jitsu as they are…
They needed an epic tribe of grapplers– which continues to grow to this day!

Some of the Epic Tribe members are: Michael Kroeger of Nickelback, Harley Flanagan of The Cro-Mags, Sean Patrick Flannery, referee Mike Beltran, Rayron Gracie, Jeff Glover, Brandon Mccaghren, fitness trainer and UFC fighter Bobby Maximus, and many others!


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So what are you waiting for? Check out Epic Roll and their BJJ gear
And become a member of the Epic Tribe!