Buchecha Reveals Being Submitted By Rockhold: ‘He’s Dangerous’

Buchecha Reveals Being Submitted By Rockhold: ‘He’s Dangerous’


3x world absolute Jiu-Jitsu champion, Marcus Buchecha had the opportunity to train several times with Luke Rockhold – challenger to middleweight belt in the UFC – at AKA.

An expert in Jiu-Jitsu, the Brazilian has no doubts: Rockhold’s ground game can be dangerous for Chris Weidman, champion of the division, on 12th December, the date of UFC 194 in Las Vegas where the thwo will be fighting for the belt.

In an interview with Combate, Buchecha explains that the first time he trained with Rokchold was in 2013 and admits that he has already been submitted by the middleweight in the gym.


Luke is a very good black belt. He’s legit. He’s the guy I roll with when I go train at AKA. He loves to train without the Gi, and he is against whom I have the hardest time rolling in AKA. He has a different game, dangerous, with footlocks and inverted triangles. When I go training with him I am always aware, because if I lose focus he submits me. In my opinion, he has the best ground game in MMA, out of the athletes I’ve trained with.



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Buchecha operated his knee in August so was not part of Rockhold’s camp. From his account, he does not care to be submitted and is comfortable at AKA. He bets that jiu-jitsu can be the decisive factor for Rockhold, former Strikeforce champion, in dethroning undefeated middleweight champion Weidman.


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