ADCC Rio Trials: Felipe Pena Defeats Purple Belt Prodigy in Finals

ADCC Rio Trials: Felipe Pena Defeats Purple Belt Prodigy in Finals



The Jardim Guanabara Yacht Club received this weekend, the Rio tryouts for the ADCC , which is the biggest grappling tournament in the world.  The stand out athletes were of Felipe ‘Preguica’ Pena, current world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, wo won gold in the 88 kg division; Roberto Tussa Alencar, Jiu-Jitsu coach to UFC fighters Jon Jones , Alistair Overeem and Donald Cerrone, triumphed in the category up to 99 kg; and Isaque Bahiense a phenom BJJ purple belt that lost to Preguica in the finals.





In the semifinal, Preguica had to go through Gracie Barra’s Victor Estima in a fight that was considered very even. As expected, the fight was on fire was very balanced. In extra time, Preguica managed a guard pass to emerge victorious. In the final, he measured forces with purple belt Isaque Bahiense. The young promise of Alliance, almost got a submission on Preguica’s foot. But Felipe, more experienced, knew how to control the momentum, and finished the fight with a rear naked choke, taking the gold.

Purple belt phenom Isaque Bahiense

Purple belt phenom Isaque Bahiense


“I do not think that I entered as a favorite,” said Preguica to Tatame after leaving the podium. “I had very tough guys: Calasans, Pe de Chumbo, Victor Estima, Daniel Moraes … Thank God I managed to fight well and come out with gold. The final was very tough. Isaac was very good. I like to fight without kimono. In May, I will focus even more on my training without kimono, because I want to be champion of the ADCC “he said.

World champion at IBJJF No-Gi, Roberto Tussa took home the gold in up to 99kgs. The athlete, who is the ground coach of Jon Jones, defeated Marcus Vinicius by 3-0 to take the title.

“I left the Pan American aside to train for these trials. My bracket was really hard. I’ve been training Wrestling since the beginning of the year with Izzy Style, the same training Jon Jones there in Jackson’s MMA. My idea was to takedown and to put into practice Jiu-Jitsu. Now, going back to the United States to take this very end of camp Jon Jones to fight against Anthony Johnson, “Tossa said.


Check out the results:

Up to 66 kg:

Renan Sancar defeated Fernando Carsalade by 4-0.

Up to 77 kg

David Ramos finished Claudio Caloquinha with a rear naked choke.

To 88 kg

Felipe Preguica Pena finished Isaac Bahiense with a rear naked choke.

To 99 kg

Roberto Tussa Alencar defeated Marcus Vinicius by 3-0.

Above 99 kg

Leonardo Chocolate  defeated Gilmar Oliveira by 2-0.


60 kg

Michelle Tavares defeated Talita Alencar by 2-0.

Above 60 kg

Fernanda Mazzelli finished Caroline Sant’Anna with an Americana.