Respect 2 Pro Jiu-Jitsu Promises Great Card feat. Gianni Grippo, Megaton, Chris Haueter…

Respect 2 Pro Jiu-Jitsu Promises Great Card feat. Gianni Grippo, Megaton, Chris Haueter…



Get ready for the second edition of a great professional Jiu-Jitsu event! Respect 2: Professional Jiu-Jitsu.

The event will held on October 17th.

This card will be HUGE! It will feature some of the world’s premier black belts, as well as many of the Midwest’s best up and coming purple and brown belts. Respect are featuring a main event of Gianni Grippo vs. UFC vet and Pedro Sauer black belt Jeff Curran. They also have a legends match for the ages, as Megaton Dias will be taking on “dirty dozen” member Chris Haueter. They’ll also feature other UFC vets Kyle Watson and Roli Delgado, as well as ADCC veteran Ezra Lenon.

The event will stream live on Budovideos.com.

Black belts Tyler Bishop and Budo Jake will be providing play by play commentary.


The card will be featuring:
Gianni Grippo vs Jeff Curran
“Megaton” Diaz vs Chris Haueter
Jena Bishop vs Karen Antunes
Ezra Lenon vs Fuji Tourney Winner
Queiroz Suyan vs Jared Weiner
Kyle Watson vs Roli Delgado
Shawn Woods vs Omar French
Mark Commen vs Mark Vives
Mike Harrisvs Nick Sanders


Brown Belt Matches
Nick Schrock vs John Gutta
Jon Perrine vs Josh Littleton
Deryck Ripley vs David Lopez

Purple Belt Matches
Josh McKinney vs Zack Freeman
Clay Mayfield vs Kirk Huff
Lyanne Perez vs Laura Uyeda

Blue Belt Matches
Alexis Andrade vs Nicholle Stoller

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